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Statistical & Survey Research Consultants

The Stochastic Group, Inc. (TSG) is a full service statistical and survey research consulting firm based in Atlanta, GA.  Our company leverages its expertise in statistics, survey methodology, and computing to meet the data collection, management, and analysis challenges faced by individuals, businesses, governments, schools, and organizations in today?s fast-paced, information-filled world.  Whether it be during the design and analysis of a complex industrial experiment; the programming of an interactive, web-based survey; or the development of automated statistical analysis programs, we are committed to providing our customers with timely, dependable, accurate, and high-quality consulting services and deliverables.

Latest News

Statistics News -- ScienceDaily

Big data analysis platform to unveil gene interactions in cancer June 23rd, 2015 @08:40
A breakthrough in cancer genomics has been achieved by developing a novel big data analysis platform for analyzing the interactions...

Roadmap to fight reproducibility crisis June 16th, 2015 @09:39
Dramatic increases in data science education coupled with robust evidence-based data analysis practices could stop the scientific research reproducibility and...

What’s fair? New theory on income inequality May 27th, 2015 @03:01
The increasing inequality in income and wealth in recent years, together with excessive pay packages of CEOs in the U.S....

Not good at sports strategies? Game intelligence can be learned May 14th, 2015 @05:57
New theories on game intelligence could change the world of team sports forever. Game intelligence is not necessarily something you...

sampleThe Stochastic Group has broad-range statistical expertise, able to assist in nearly any real-world (or even theoretical) statistical problem. Our firm works on many different projects of varying complexity: from simple graphical and descriptive data analyses, to complex, multivariate analyses of massive datasets. While the firm?s capabilities are quite broad, much of our business focuses on the design and analyses of large, complex sample surveys. This includes the design of individual survey questions, survey questionnaires, sample frame development, sampling methodology, survey instrument programming, field execution and administration, and survey analysis and reporting. We work with individual clients, schools, industry, and government to solve challenging problem in all fields, but especially in epidemiology, public health, business, and marketing. See our services page for more information on the services we can provide.

In addition to providing statistical consulting and analysis services, The Stochastic Group offers custom statistical software development. Our firm develops custom R statistical packages which can be integrated with R.NET, SAS, SPSS, and other commercial or open source software to deliver desktop or web-based reporting capabilities and data manipulation tools to your organization. For more information on how we can help, contact us today.